About Nea by Nature

Nea is an African Name meaning “Radiant or glossy or glowing” and we produce cosmetic products made from natural ingredients. We mainly use the indigenous Croton megalocarpus seed oil (or megalo oil) in all our products and thus connecting you to nature. The moisturizing aspect of megalo oil gives a healthy glowing skin which is the inspiration behind Nea by Nature.

Nea by Nature was born out of specialised research from Ecofix (K) Ltd (EFK) whose entire ethos focuses on value addition from the Croton megalocarpus tree that is indigenous to Africa and predominantly found in East Africa.

We believe our brand will inspire you to embrace the purity of nature even as you seek to care for your skin.

Our Story

For over 12 years, EFK has been adding value to the Croton megalocarpus nut. In fact, it is the first company globally to do so. In 2012, the EcoFix(K) team began working on optimizing a sustainable supply chain and perfecting a zero-waste manufacturing process that transforms croton nuts into sustainable energy and organic products.

EcoFix (K) is committed to sustainable agribusiness developments. They produce megalo oil, animal feed and organic fertilizer from the nut of the croton megalocarpus tree; one of the most prominent indigenous species across ten countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information visit www.efk.co.ke

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